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About Us
Mr.V.RAMAKRISHNA RAO, M.Sc, Chairman, is the key man behind the Company. He is the promoter and has vast experience in the field of pharmaceutical & chemical industry of more than 30 years. His organizational capacities and technical expertise in many molecules are a source of inspiration to the workforce of the company.
About Us
The administration of the company is managed by Young & Committed professionals in their disciplines. The Company is in the process to upgrade the existing facilities to comply with USDA  Standards.
Ashok Yalamati, President & CEO of VINCE Global, has 18 years of experience in IT and Bio Technology, Adopting quality - be it in people, processes or technology - as the cornerstone of VINCE Global ’s growth. Ashok heads marketing, business development in USA, Europe, China and Latin American countries.
Ashok holds a Bachelors degree in Production Engineering from University of Poona, and Masters in Business Administration from India.
About Us
Quality Policy
We achieve excellence in quality through continuous process improvement to deliver products that exceed customer expectations, on-time and within budget. In doing this, we set quantifiable quality benchmarks enable us to isolate pain-points, assist in identifying ways and means of improving our processes and in adoption of best practices.
Our Quality standards have been designed not only to eliminate defects but also the root causes of defects in business processes in order to work towards greater efficiency, productivity and accuracy.
Value is defined by more than a price tag, it's also a matter of trust. Our commitment towards our products is our promise to meet or exceed expectations every day and in every engagement. We believe that creativity, Technology and People are our guiding strengths. Creativity powers the world ahead whether in the arena of business, communications or education. Technology is the backbone of the modern world and the wheels of mankind’s progress. Our Motivated people make things happen for the mankind.
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